Single Male Price Changes

Dear Single Gents,

After many years without any adjustments and after careful consideration, we must now update the pricing for single males attending our weekend parties. Effective immediately, the WEEKEND admission fee for single males will be $60 on Fridays and $80 on Saturdays. Weekday events will still be DONATION for admission.

NOT FREE! DONATION! (None of our events are FREE)

Please note that the membership rates for single males will remain unchanged.

Maintaining an ACTIVE membership is required to attend any events at the club, regardless of the night. Please ensure your membership is current, as it will be verified at the door upon arrival.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


John & the Club3X Staff

8th Anniversary Success!

Dear Members,

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the Club3X 8th Annual Anniversary event. Your participation made this celebration truly remarkable. It was a pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves, and the energy was incredible.

Since founding Club3X eight years ago, we have made significant strides and have ambitious plans for the future. We are dedicated to enhancing the experience we offer to our valued members. Numerous improvements have been implemented over the years, with many more exciting changes on the horizon.

Please stay tuned for updates on these forthcoming developments. Your unwavering support is the cornerstone of our progress, and we sincerely thank you for making these advancements possible.

Best regards,

John & the Club3X Team

Now Available Smoke & Vape Items!

We are excited to announce that our bar side has just acquired its Tobacco license with the state of Florida, and we are extending our menu of available products to include a smoke shop feel within our bar side. You can now come and enjoy food, drinks and shop on site our currently small but expanding smoke shop all in one stop.

You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol and tobacco products.

We currently have cigarettes, black and mild’s, swisher sweets, wraps, rolling papers, cones, vapes, delta 8 gummies, THCA flowers, pre-rolls and dime THCA flowers as well has some THCA Vapes. We will be bringing in this upcoming week Delta 9 gummies, Mushroom gummies, vape pen batteries, kratom capsules and some e-juices.  Please do let us know what YOU would like to see in this department for your shopping pleasure while you are at the club or just coming in for the bar side/smoke shop side. 

As always thank you for being a loyal member and I am looking forward to providing the best services and value to my valued customers/friends!


New Dungeon


Club3X has just recently remodeled our DUNGEON for some kinky fetish fun! 

  • New suspension point
  • Spanking Benches
  • Work/Wax Table
  • Toys & Tools
  • Improved Saint Andrews Cross
  • Improved Lighting
  • Improved aftercare area

If you’re a dabber or a hard-core fetish lover you’re going to love the recent improvements! Don’t take our word for it be sure to come check it out yourself! 

Guess what else has been added… DUNGEON MASTER/ROPE MASTER!

The 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month we will have a DUNGEON MASTER/ROPE MASTER on staff in the DUNGEON to help you and your scenes!

Be sure to also subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for future video updates!

Free Pizza Friday Update

Free Pizza Fridays ‘R Back

We are bringing back our FREE PIZZA FRIDAYS with a few changes and enhancements to go with it. FREE PIZZA FRIDAYS is a FREE PERK that is bestowed upon our members who check into the club and pay their club donations for FRIDAY NIGHT.


With the new program when you check in at the CLUB and do your donation for FRIDAYS PARTY, we will give you a card good for 1 (one) FREE CHEESE Pizza Bread which you can redeem at the bar ANY TIME up till 1:30 AM. Singles will receive the opportunity to receive a 6″ FREE CHEESE & Couples will get a 12″ FREE CHEESE Pizza Bread. The PIZZA CARD will give you the OPTION to select additional toppings to be added at a slight upcharge per topping. Additional toppings are optional and if none are selected then there is NO CHARGE to redeem your PIZZA CARD.

->Free Pizza Cards expire at 1:30AM on the night they are issued <-

Your FREE or UPGRADED Pizza bread will be made fresh and HOT just like you (Opps meant just for you).


  1. Be patient when ordering we will let you know when your order is up and ready for you.
  2. Drinks and paid food preparation will receive priority when we get busy. 
  3. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! We will do our best to be sure to have plenty available, but we do not make any guarantees on availability. Subject to availability at the time of ordering.


Introducing PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Option!

Now Available PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Options!

We are pleased to announce that we have a NEW membership option available to all current and new members. You can now choose between a Basic membership and the all-new premium membership option. 

With the new premium membership option your membership is included and entrance to all Club3X events are F R E E! Yes, included with your PREMIUM membership is F R E E entrance to any and all regularly scheduled Club3X events! Come as often as you like without any entrance costs whatsoever!

CLUB3X is your original lifestyle club in the Brevard Florida area, and we just passed 6 years of being here for YOU and your lifestyle adventures, whatever that may be. Help support the one and only Club3X so we can continue to bring you a safe and fun space for likeminded individuals like yourself!

Do you want to know more about our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS? CLICK HERE!

New Event System

I have upgraded the event listing system which is more streamlined, works within our community software’s timeline and also allows  you to show you are going and or interested in the event listed. The events will now show those profiles that has shown they will be attending the event. 

As usual I will continue to advance and improve both the physical club and the online networking for your benefit and enjoyment. Thank you all.

If you do not have an online account here yet please be sure to do so and create your profile so you can network with other members who also attend the physical club.


(NEW) Thursday Bi Fun Night!

Here we go a NEW day open and a NEW theme to go with it! We are going to give both Thursday nights and a bisexual theme night a go. So, if you are bi, bi curious and have any interests along these lines then come on out and join us on Thursdays from 7:30 till midnight for some adventurous fun!

Know what’s even better about this night? Are you ready? It’s DONATION for EVERYONE! You must have a membership that is current and valid.

Membership can be done at the club or online

Hey Couples <- Looky Here

We love our couples, and we want to see more of you.
(Yeah, like that as well! 😈 )

No matter which way you slice it, everyone loves seeing more couples at the club on any given night, and we agree! Let’s get our weekends jumping again. I have decided that until further notice couples on BOTH Friday and Saturdays will be donation! That’s right come in on the weekend couples and it is PAY WHAT YOU CAN ALL WEEKEND! (Couples only)

You still need to maintain your membership, need to renew? Click here to go to the club membership payment center.

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