Free Pizza Friday Update

Free Pizza Fridays ‘R Back

We are bringing back our FREE PIZZA FRIDAYS with a few changes and enhancements to go with it. FREE PIZZA FRIDAYS is a FREE PERK that is bestowed upon our members who check into the club and pay their club donations for FRIDAY NIGHT.


With the new program when you check in at the CLUB and do your donation for FRIDAYS PARTY, we will give you a card good for 1 (one) FREE CHEESE Pizza Bread which you can redeem at the bar ANY TIME up till 1:30 AM. Singles will receive the opportunity to receive a 6″ FREE CHEESE & Couples will get a 12″ FREE CHEESE Pizza Bread. The PIZZA CARD will give you the OPTION to select additional toppings to be added at a slight upcharge per topping. Additional toppings are optional and if none are selected then there is NO CHARGE to redeem your PIZZA CARD.

->Free Pizza Cards expire at 1:30AM on the night they are issued <-

Your FREE or UPGRADED Pizza bread will be made fresh and HOT just like you (Opps meant just for you).


  1. Be patient when ordering we will let you know when your order is up and ready for you.
  2. Drinks and paid food preparation will receive priority when we get busy. 
  3. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! We will do our best to be sure to have plenty available, but we do not make any guarantees on availability. Subject to availability at the time of ordering.


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