About Us

CLUB3X is a private nightlife social club that is located in Cocoa Florida. We have the main level of the club with a general social area, fantasy fetish room, small sitting bar, dance pole, open area to accommodate dancing, semi private area, two downstairs and two upstairs private areas with locking doors, dining area and our office. Then there is the loft level with a nice overview of the main level for a total of 2,245 sq ft of party fun. Both the pool table and dance pole are open to anyone who wishes to use them. 

Club3X is a safe, comfortable, discreet and neutral private club where you can come and meet others with like minds. Socialize, explore and have fun with other people.

We also have a Fetish area for you who want to dable in the fetish/kink lifestyle as well as those who are far from vanilla!

“We pride ourselves for our fun safe no-pressure environment where people can meet old friends and make new ones in a safe manner. There is never a stranger at Club3X only a friend you haven’t met yet! This club was created by LIFESTYLERS in the lifestyle for the lifestyle, a place where you can be as tame as you would like to be or as wild as you can be.”

This is a private club and Club3X is not open to the public. To join any of our parties you must be accepted in to the club. We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.   As a member of Club3X you must be aware that you will be exposed to sexually oriented material and our members may be nude at times. If you are offended by nudity and or sexual material, conversations or situations then Club3X is NOT FOR YOU!   We invite you to our club and ask that you treat it and our members with respect. We do allow single males to our parties. Single gents, this is a privilege and not a right. Single gents who are given membership will be under close scrutiny. If you are the subject of complaints from our single ladies and or couple members you will face being terminated from the Club!  

Everyone MUST remember NO IS NO & Touching is NOT OK unless your are given implicit consent to do so and/or you are invited to do so. 

YES, We are an “on-site” club.

YES, We are a “Clothing Optional” club.

NOT BYOB – We have a lounge next door which serves up fresh cooked food and drinks both alcohol and non alcoholic drinks are served.

Phone: +13219147843
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @CLUB3X_FL

DIRECTIONS: If you are traveling to us via US 1 you will turn EAST on KING STREET AKA SR 520 continue EAST on KING AKA SR 520 past Forrest Ave you will see a SMOKE SHOP to your left and the NEXT street will be FLORIDA AVE. Once you are a this point you found our building which sits on the corner of KING and FLORIDA AVE. You can park right there in front of the building on KING street or turn LEFT on FLORIDA AVE and park on FLORIDA AVE. Our door is the last door to the building on the right hand of FLORIDA AVE unit 190. We also have a parking lot in the back of the building. Our building has numerous other shops in it if you see shops like BENJAMIN KYLES then you are at the right spot.