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YES. Your membership entitles you access to our parties as a member. We are only open to members so you must be one to attend any of our event’s. Each even you will need to make the requested donation for that event.

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    Look at the event listings each event will have that information listed.

  • wellie bueno says:

    how much are the donations

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    Basic membership for couples and single females:

    • $15 Monthly
    • $70 6 Months
    • $120 1 Year

    Single Males:

    • $25 Monthly
    • $125 6 Months
    • $250 1 Year

    Pay your membership online CLICK HERE

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    NO! Couples membership donation amount is $15 for both of you not each of you.

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    Yes. No one is allowed to attend any of our functions unless they are a member. We are a members ONLY club. Therefor your first visit will require payment of BOTH costs the first visit. You can always visit on a WEDNESDAY and get a complimentary membership OR FRIDAY Couples and Single Ladies only qualify for a complimentary membership.

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