You may arrive at CLUB3X anytime we are open to complete your membership application and attend the party all in the same night. You can download the application for membership, fill it out and bring it with you to speed up the membership process.
–> You can PAY your membership dues ONLINE.

Club3X is a private club for the lifestyle community. You must be 21 or older and have a valid driver’s license or picture ID to obtain a membership. Applications may be filled out at the club during normal club hours on the night you wish to attend.

Please note, if you plan on attending ANY events at CLUB3X (Ie: parties, shows etc.), you must apply for and purchase a membership. Since we are a member’s only club, entrance will not be allowed to our club events unless you are a current member or arrive to become a member.

Club3X Membership Options


Everyone who enters the club must obtain at the minimum a STANDARD MEMBERSHIP. This allows you access to all our private parties/events. With a standard membership you will have the cost of the membership its self and your event entry donations for each event you attend. Minimum event entry donations vary from each event. NOTE: Prices below are per couple or per single male.

COST $15 Monthly OR $70 Six Months OR $120 12 Months


VIP MEMBERSHIPS – Our NEW and IMPROVED VIP plans give you membership into Club3X as well as unlimited access to all Club3X events at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Yes you read that correctly! As a VIP member with these new plans you will never pay any more at the door while your membership plan is active. You will simply show your membership card and IDS, receive your wrist band and enter the party.


Please check our events page to see what the current events are posted price wise as we offer frequent specials and discounts.

To get started please create your account here on our website. Then check the events section of our site. Select the next upcoming event and click JOIN to show you are planning on coming to the next event.

Membership Requirement Policy

1. Only members in good standing shall be admitted into CLUB3X.
2. Applicants must be 21 or older to be a member.
3. All persons whose membership has been accepted will receive a membership card. Membership cards must be presented each and every time you enter the club.
4. Failure to pay annual or monthly membership dues shall result in membership being suspended. Person will be ineligible to enter the club until membership dues are paid.
5. A membership may be suspended or revoked by the management or staff for failure to comply with club rules.
6. A limit of 20,000 members can apply to the club.
7. Any member in good standing, shall be entitled to use the facility during posted club hours. During times that the club is not used by general membership, the club shall have the right to host special events or private parties to a member or group, in good standing.
8. Persons in the severely intoxicated condition will not be allowed to enter the club.
9. Boisterous conduct will not be tolerated in the club or on its premises. Any unruly conduct or fighting will result in a permanent ban from the club.
10. Valid driver’s license, passports, or picture ID are the only form of ID permitted.
11. CLUB3X and its staff reserve the right to grant or deny membership to anyone for any reason.

Code of Conduct

Any selling, buying or use of drugs on club property will result in removal from the club by Cocoa Police. Membership will be revoked without refund and a lifetime ban from the club will be enforced.
No fighting, rude or belligerent behavior will be tolerated. All parties involved will be removed from the club.Any willful destruction of club property will result in ejection of club.