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New Site Changes


Thank you for moving over to the new site here if you were on the old one. There are some nice changes and enhancements available here we did not have with the old site. I am going to go over a short list of them and as I continue to enhance the site I will add more.

EVENTS: Events now give you the ability to RSVP to each even with a NO, MAYBE or YES on attendance. Your choice will also go into the timeline for the site so other can see who is doing what. Each event will show a RSVP list as well so you can see who is doing what on each event. Another nice feature is you can now pay online for your event donation online when you RSVP. Events will have an event CALENDAR and event LISTINGS.

PROFILES: Profiles now have more detailed information and you can control what is shown and what is not shown. You can also restrict viability to only logged in users and friends only. You can also have a profile and background photo. You can also have followers and can track comments and followers from an easy to use interface. Don’t forget mentions and favorites as well!

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: You can now do photos and videos as well as create your own galleries for each. You can restrict it all to only you, members only, registered users only and friends only.

GROUPS: You can now create and manage your OWN groups on Club3X and control who has access to your group.

MEMBERSHIP: You can manage and pay your club membership dues online now. If you come into the club and pay your dues we can now give you a code to activate your paid membership here as well. You can change and upgrade your membership from your account.

As always we are working to enhance and improve your experience online and in the club. There are some nice changes happening to the physical club as well.

John & Kai