NOTICE: Pricing Changes Single Males


Synapsis: If anyone has every worked with people or ran a business then you know the old saying “You can’t make everyone happy!” to be so true! Single guys in the lifestyle club are loved by some and hated by others. We have been doing our “Couples into single guys” party on Friday for along time now. This night is setup and designed for the couples who love the single guys and we used to draw a large crowd of single guys and those couples. However, when we introduced the Saturday “Pay what you can party” promo allot of the single guys decided to not attend Friday and take advantage of the ability to come in cheap on Saturday. This shifted the attendance of single males from the intended Friday to more Saturday. The problem we have now is Saturday is “Intended” for “mostly” couples. We allow single males on a Saturday because we still get couples who like singles in on a Saturday. However their have been many times when we have had more single males in the club on a Saturday than couples and couples are not happy they are being out numbered on a night that is supposed to be “primarily” for them and not singles.

Problem: So now I am faced with resolving the issue of to many single males on a Saturday, not enough singles on a Friday and still make the couples on Saturday happy that want singles at the same time making the couples on Saturdays happy who don’t want to see too many singles… Hmmmmm ….

My Solution: Well after much thought here is my solution. Single guys Friday is your night to shine and you drifted away to Saturday to save money so we will save you money on Friday now. I will lower the Friday minimum donation from $60 to $40! You will need to maintain your $25 monthly membership donation. This change is to encourage you back to the night designed for single males! Now on to the Saturday issue and we all know Saturday is what’s up! It is almost always a huge kick ass party! On good Saturdays we may have 80 people or better! But we need less single guys in that mix but we still want some quality single guys at this party for those couples who come looking for you. Pricing for single males on Saturday will no longer be “Pay what you can”. Single males on Saturday will now have a minimum donation of $60 and you must maintain your monthly $25 membership donation. This change on Saturday will be self regulating on Single Males as the cost will inhibit the casual single guys who would stop in for a few bucks on Saturday. And those serious guys who know Saturdays are worth the money will still show and they will be the limited single males that come in on a Saturday for our single friendly couples who are at the party as well.

EFFECTIVE DATE: These changes will not go into effect immediately! I am giving a window for people to take in the changes and have the information disseminated as much as possible. With that being said changes will be active effective Friday 10/11/2019 and forward dates past that.