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Some of our specialty parties like our “Couples into singles” & our “BBC For Me” or even some of our “Saturday Theme” parties will offer discounts to the COUPLES & sometimes SINGLE GUYS (When advertised) who are participating in these events. When we do a “Pay what you can” donation based party your standard event fee is WAIVED for that party! You are required to make a cash DONATION at the door during your check in. We allow YOU to determine what amount you can pay for this party. This is why we coined the term “Pay what you can” donation.

This INCENTIVE attracts larger crowds than standard events with standard door fees. The larger crowd in turn is a perk for you during these parties as there are more people to be exposed to. More exposure means you are more likely to find what you are looking for. It is an averaging effect that helps us still cover expenses for the night. Less cash at the door with increased number of people coming into the door usually works its self out in the end. However this does not hold true when there are those that try and take advantage of the “Pay What You Can” parties. There are no MINIMUM donation amounts and anything over $1 is considered a donation. However, those who come in as a couples and donate $5 etc on a regular basis… are really abusing the privilege.

We consider the “Pay What You Can” entrance a privilege and not a right. Like all privileges they can be revoked. We reserve the right to revoke any individual members privilege to gain entrance using the “Pay What You Can” method. If your privilege is revoked you will be required to pay the standard door fee for that party.

“Pay What You Can” Donations will be required BEFORE entering the party. It has been requested and has been granted to allow people to attend the party and then donate on the way out using the party and there level of fun as a gauge for their donation amount. However this has ALWAYS ended up in a NO DONATION because the couple skipped off or decided AFTER they used our services to just not pay anything.

ADDITIONAL DONATIONS: Anytime we are hosting a party with discounted entry fees we are encouraging the club attendance to rise via a discount on entry. If you attend one of our discounted parties and you like or even love the club and the party PLEASE consider making a donation other than your initial donation during your visit if it is possible for you to do so. Additional donations are NEVER required but are definitely appreciated and helps make the club a better place. You can make an additional donation at entry or upon exit.

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