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We started this party theme at the end of 2016 and it is still running strong as ever! Fridays continue to be our BEST night for attendance and action! The theme of these parties are of couples as the title says, “Couples into single guys” which draws in the couples who love to play with single guys and of course the single guys who want some HOT couple action. But what we have been seeing is people who are not into this theme are starting to love attending these parties for there own agenda. Understand that most couples who play with single guys also play with couples. We get couples who come just to watch the action, couples who want to put on a show, watchers, etc… Each and every time the parties are awesome! We always have fresh people at these parties both single guys and couples alike. We are even starting to get some single females coming in to these (Ya, never count on that though lol). Our low attendance numbers have been in the 30’s with it peaking near 60 people at these parties.

Is it a sausage fest? Well isn’t that what it is supposed to be? Lol. But in reality our ratios of single guys to couples have been great! We end up having more couples always than single guys. But there are still plenty of single guys to go around!

I’m not into single guys why would I go? See above. The reason we always have more couples than single guys is even though the theme is “Couples into single guys” we still have couples who come to the party who are not interested in single guys. They come and either just want to hang out and watch the fun or create there own or they are there for other couples who are into couples and single guys.

I don’t want to be hassled by single guys! Don’t worry it hasn’t happened yet. We ask all couple who check in if they are participating or not. If you are participating you are given a glow band to identify you as being a participant. When we check in the single guys we instruct them to not bother anyone who doesn’t sport a glowing wrist band unless they speak to them first.

Hey, I am a single guy and don’t think it’s fair you are charging US more for this event!

  1. Whoa… Hold up! Single guys are normally $50 all our OTHER events, we also charge a $15 monthly membership during OTHER events. So when you come in on OTHER events your total due for that night would be $65! On our Couples Into Single Guys events we charge you $60 at the event AND GIVE YOU YOUR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FREE! Total SAVINGS $5.00
  2. Give and take. We offer deep discounts to the couples who come to party with you at these events. This tilts things in YOUR favor as the club is packed with couples that are already into single guys. The deep discounts for these couples also attracts many many more couples than you would normally have in the club so attendance is now higher. More couples equal increased opportunities for YOU. We identify the couples who are interested in single guys and give them a glow band which means you already know visually if it is worth approaching and engaging someone. Total extra cost for you $10 but when you factor in your $15 free membership, total cost is actually a total savings of $5.00
  3. Go another night. If the super sexually charged club packed full of willing couples who are there just for you isn’t worth the extra $10 for the evening, you can always go on another night. You will save $10 unless you need a new membership then you are actually going to pay $5 more to not go to the Couples Into Single Guys event. You probably will not have any couples or limited couple who are even interested in playing with a single guy.
  4. Finer things. Sometimes the finer things in life are worth a little extra.
  5. Other Clubs. It was brought to our attention that other clubs are actually charging single guys $100 or more to get in PLUS there membership if they are not current members!

Can I find any BBC there? History so far has showed there has always been BBC at these parties so far! With this being mentioned do not forget we have our BBC parties as well!

How does the donation based “Pay what you can” system work? The donation based entry is for couples only and it is for couples who are participating in the single guys. If you are wearing the glow bracelet and are there to party with the single guys you then qualify for donation based entry. So when you check in and get your wrist bands you give us a cash donation of your choosing, please be nice. If you are a couple and not participating in the single guys your party fee will be only $30 for the evening.

When is the next event? Be sure to check our event listing here!

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