Single Male “Come allot” Discount Program

Hey there single guys... I am introducing a new program for you guys called our “Come allot program”. You want to cum allot and guess what we want you to cum/come allot as well! Got your interests up yet?

Club3X Single Male Come Allot Program

“Club3X is the ONLY local club that offers SINGLE MALES a discount program!”

Everyone knows that Friday is our “Couples into single males” party which is the best time for couples to hookup with single guys and single guys it is your best time to find and hookup with couples that are there for the same reason as you! In order for this dynamic to work efficiently the wheel needs to be lubricated correctly. We need plenty of couples and plenty of single guys at this party so there is options for all.

We already give couples discounts to entice them to this party and now we are going to offer you the single guys a discount program to entice you to keep coming or is that cumming? Here is the Come allot program I am starting for Fridays for all single guys.

I am going to reward you for coming to a FRIDAY party and coming back again the next week. When you come Friday and check in I will give you a discount card good for $20 off when you come back next Friday! So when you come back next Friday you as a single guy will only be $40! Now get this I am going to give you another discount card to use the next week again! So as long as you keep coming back each Friday and using your discount cards you will continue to get in the door for only $40! WOW! If you don’t come back the very next Friday your discount card expires!

Now single guys let me remind you of the nearest alternative club closer to us they will charge you $105 NOT including your membership to get in Friday and you have to buy your drinks there. Now take a another look at our $40 discounted come allot program again 🙂

Now you must take the first step and get to the club Friday to get your discount card for the next week and start saving on Friday parties!


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