Club3X Personals

***** NOTICE: POST FREE - LIMITED TIME ONLY! ***** Since the demise of Craigslist personals, we have setup an alternative. Enjoy! Please take note that we moderate all ads placed here and reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel will violate the new laws put into place (H.R.1865). These ads are only for real people seeking real fun with other people on their own free will and no money is asked or exchanged for such encounters or potential encounters. You may not post any ads the suggest costs involved or ask for donations or contributions or any compensation for meeting or doing any act. No code words for monetary value i.e 24 roses for my time etc etc... Again these ads are for legitimate people seeking legitimate personal encounters. To ensure everyone complies with the new laws in place and that everyone is real there will be a small cost associated with placing personal ads in the near future. This will help weed out all the fakes as well, most people who are paying to post personal ads will not want pay to place fake ads.