(NEW) Thursday is Bi Fun Night!

July 22, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 12:00 am
226 King St
Cocoa, FL 32922
Donation *Membership Required*

Bi Fun Night

Let’s try something new and fun. We are going to open on Thursday nights for some hot new fun. We will be hosting a new theme on Thursday and is going to be Bi Fun Night. Curious? Already know what you want? Everyone who comes is here for the same reason so if you are interested in BI FUN then be sure to come in to this party then.

Costs will be DONATION from all participants. Membership must be paid and current to attend.

WHERE? 226 King Street (SR 520) Cocoa FL 32922 Unit 190 HINT: Building is on King & Florida Ave our entrance is on Florida Ave with a purple light in the window and orange lights as well. 321-406-7615

BYOB: Tonight will be a BYOB night if you would like a few drinks bring some with you.

FUN SUPPLIES: We recommend that you bring a towel and anything you may need personal wise for your enjoyment if things move past a meet and greet for you

2 thoughts on “(NEW) Thursday is Bi Fun Night!”

  1. Sir1 avatar Sir1 says:

    Mmm sounds like it could be a fun night im thinking its a cum out and meet with a bit more with luck

  2. Joseph Cortez says:

    Been looking for bisexual friends! This is an amazing idea

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