Adult social club for adventurous adults :)

Club3X FAQ'S

Q: Is Alcohol allowed?
A: Yes. It is BYOB. We have soda & juices to mix your drinks with. We do ask that you drink responsibly though and be sure you can leave and drive home safely. If you message us ahead of time with requests for mixers we will try and accommodate your request.

Q: Can I wear lingerie, sexy or revealing clothing, be naked?
A: Yes. We are a private club and once your inside you can wear what you want or what you don't want for that matter.

Q: How old do I have to be to be a member of Club3X?
A: Since we will be allowing people to bring in their own alcohol we must make sure everyone is 21 years of age or older. We are starting a "YOUNG SWINGERS" group which will be a weekday party that will be alcohol free and anyone over 18+ would be able to attend.

Q: Do you allow single males?
Yes. All of our club parties are open to single gents with the exception of couples only parties. That is an obvious I would hope. Single gents, this is a privilege and not a right. Single gents who are given membership will be under close scrutiny. If you are the subject of complaints from our single ladies and or couple members you will face being terminated from the Club! We have a special party every FRIDAY where you are the center of attention and it is called "Couples into single guys" fest. This is your best opportunity. Check out our BLOG POST about this event.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?
Q: Do you have a twitter?
Q: Do you have lockers we can use while we are at Club3X?
Yes. You will need to bring your own lock. If you forget your lock we sell them for $5 at the club.
Q: Are you an "on-site" club?
Yes. All the magic can happen at the club!
Q: This is my/our first visit does that mean I/we have to pay the membership AND the entrance fee today?
Yes. No one is allowed to attend any of our functions unless they are a member. We are a members ONLY club. Therefor your first visit will require payment of BOTH fees the first visit. You can always visit on a WEDNESDAY OR FRIDAY and get a complimentary membership.

Q: When is your busiest night?
By far FRIDAY is the busiest and best night to catch a large crowd. We get around 50-60 people on a Friday night!
Q: Is there close by motels we could stay at?
A: Yes. Just over the bridge on 430 West Merritt Island CSWY Merritt Island FL 32952. It is only a 2-3 minute drive to or from the club.

Have a question not answered here? Email us your question and we will answer it and post it to the FAQ!