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Younger swingers under 21

Under 21

You are old enough to party like a rock star but not old enough to drink. We get numerous requests from the under 21 swinger crowd who would love to attend our parties but as you know we have always turned you away and asked you to contact us when you turn 21.

The problem is we are a BYOB club and we allow our members to bring alcohol and we can not assure that everyone of our members would ask to see ID for someone as often our members may share a drink with another friend they met at the club.

Solution is we will host a SPECIAL ALCOHOL FREE PARTY!

This will be a YOUNGER SWINGERS party where everyone 18+ will be allowed to come and party party party just doing it ALCOHOL FREE. We will check at the door to be sure there are no alcohol slipped in during these events. If alcohol is brought in you will be asked to leave!

We will start with a couple parties a month and if we build up a YOUNGER SWINGERS following and the numbers grow we could make it a regular weekly thing! So tell one tell all young swingers come bare it all!

We are clothing optional and open to all sexually alive people. You do not have to be a swinger! Just curious? Voyeur? Exhibitionist? Lover of sex? Whatever it may be your welcome to explore it with CLUB3X!

If you are interested in the YOUNGER SWINGERS parties please join our YOUNGER SWINGERS GROUP

Please note to join the group you will need to create a free account. This is to protect everyone's privacy as it is a private group.

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Its peek a boo night, how many peeks will you seek?
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