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ICE BREAKER DICE I have put together a new ice breaker game available to all at the club. It is called the "Ice breaker dice", LOL. I have made 3 (three) larger dice each consisting of either an action to perform, a body part to perform said action upon a
Club3X Aug 25, 2016 4 433

CLUB3X OUR COUPLES INTO SINGLE GUYS PARTIES UPDATED ENTRY 5/8/17 We started this party theme at the end of 2016 and it is still running strong as ever! Fridays continue to be our BEST night for attendance and action! The theme of these parties are of co
Club3X Dec 27, 2016 3 890

And the NEXT theme is?.................... We are asking you for help with up coming theme nights. What are some different theme nights that would interest you if we had them at the club? Please voice your input here on this blog post. John & Kai Cl
Club3X Sep 02, 2016 3 221

YOUNGER SWINGERSUnder 21 You are old enough to party like a rock star but not old enough to drink. We get numerous requests from the under 21 swinger crowd who would love to attend our parties but as you know we have always turned you away and asked you t
Club3X Apr 05, 2017 2 542

FIRST PARTY POLL We are currently in the planning stage for our first party! We would like your input on the dates and hours for our first party. I have created a couple polls to get your input on the date and times for the first party. Please visit the P
Club3X May 26, 2016 2 270

SPECIAL EVENT "PAY WHAT YOU CAN DONATION PARTIES"   Some of our specialty parties like our "Couples into singles" & our "BBC For Me" or even some of our "Saturday Theme" parties will offer discounts to the COUPLES & sometimes SINGLE GUYS (When
Club3X Jan 09, 2017 0 934

"We now have our Club3X online ADULT shop!" Available for you to view, the latest and greatest adult novelties, toys, lotions, lubes an clothing for your home and club play! When you purchase your adult goodies from our Club3X store you help support us ju
Club3X Dec 11, 2016 0 308

Couples Into Singles Fest We are having our next "Couples Into Singles Fest" next Friday December 16th! These are always a fun and crowded party even if you are not into singles there is plenty to watch and others that are there for "other" activities as
Club3X Dec 11, 2016 0 298

WEEKEND PARTY PASS Club3X always has something going on during the weekend! We host three awesome parties each weekend and sometimes it is hard to decide which one to go to. Why decide? Now you can party with us all weekend when you get the weekend party
Club3X Nov 08, 2016 0 230

WEEKDAY PARTY PASS You can't decide between our Wednesday party or our Thursday party?  Not sure which fits your needs better? Just looking for back to back trouble? Get our WEEKDAY PARTY PASS and you can attend BOTH parties for ONLY $60! And that includ
Club3X Nov 08, 2016 0 211