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This event is turning out to be such a huge success we are going to continue running a streak of Freebie Friday Fests! Attendance on Fridays parties have grown to attract large amount of sexy new couples mixed with a return or sexy seasoned Club3X members. Our Friday parties is an excellent time for new couples to come  and check out the club and the clubs patrons with out worrying about paying the entrance fee. For you new couples me and my wife are going to cover your entrance fee for this Friday Party. 

So this Friday we are once again throwing yet another Freebie Friday Fest with the theme of "Less is more" theme. Here is the theme party details:

Come wearing your short shorts, booty shorts, mini skirts, tube tops and some sexy socks! The less you have on the more fun we are going to have. Welcome to the Less is More theme :) Let's see who can get as skimpy as possible with still having some clothes on (Those can come off later) :)

We now have a nice large platform with a stripper pole in the middle of the social area also the center of attention. Surely with all the scantly dressed people tonight we should see some nice eye candy on the pole.

Friday is always around the corner and we are dedicating this Friday once again to getting mass amounts of couples into the club to check us out! If you are a new couple to Club3X and have been thinking about coming but have not yet done so then you do NOT want to miss this Fridays event, it is all about you. And what is better than that is we are letting you come this Friday to check us out and party with us for FREE! Yes here it is again:


Please tell others about this FREE Event for NEW couples and help get your friends and more than friends into the club this Friday!


Events fees for this event for other than NEW COUPLES are as follows:

  • Not new couples arrive before 9 pm and pay only $30
  • Not new couples arriving after 9 pm $40
  • Single females only $5 all night
  • Single males NOT sponsored by a couple $50 (Limited single males this evening)
  • Single males sponsored by a couple $40

When? Friday August 12th, 2016 (DOORS OPEN AT 8PM TILL 2AM)

Where? Club3X 226 King Street Unit 190 Cocoa Florida 321-406-7615

You do not want to miss this event! With new couples being able to come party with you for free the turn out is always huge which means the action should be huge! Plan on attending and plan on meeting new fun people. 

If you want to come to the club on a night when the house if packed with loads of sexy couples then this is the night you want to be here!

This event is dedicated to getting NEW COUPLES into the club but is open to everyone, single females and limited single males as well.

*Free Couples Details: To get free admission to this even you must be a COUPLE and you must not have a membership to Club3X yet. To get your entrance free for the evening you must purchase either a monthly membership at $15 or a yearly membership at $60. You are only paying for your membership and your entrance will be free for the evening.

DONATIONS: For the couples getting in FREE this evening we will not charge you entrance fees for this free event but we will accept donations of any amount to help cover operating expenses for the evening. Donations are gladly accepted but will not be required to gain entrance.

BYOB - You bring your alcohol we will bring the soda, juices and ice.

FOOD - We only provide snacks such as chips on Friday's but people have been bringing in their own dishes potluck style as well. Feel free to continue doing this for our Friday fun times.


If you come Friday and party with us and purchase your Saturday wrist band the same day you can come back at a great return rate! Check this out:

COUPLES: New or not new all couples who come party with us this Friday will be allowed to purchase their Saturday wristband for only $25

SINGLE MALES: If you party with us Friday you can purchase your Saturday wristband for only $30

SINGLE FEMALES: If you party with us Friday you can come back Saturday for FREE!



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