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 Self Love Wednesday is a NEW type of party that Club3X hosts every Wednesday. This Wednesday we will be incorporating the "Greedy Girls" theme into the Masturbation theme. They go hand in hand!

We already have one confirmed couple participating in the "Greedy Girls" side of the theme... So if you are a single guy you do not want to miss this Wednesday! Be sure to arrive early between 7:30-9:30 or you just might miss the confirmed "Greedy Girl!".

The "Greedy Girl" portion of this party will be between 7:30 and 9:30 after 9:30 group masturbation.

Not only is it a weekday party it is a simple themed party of "Self Love", Yes Masturbation. We will be hosting this in a group environment.

The whole focus of the group will be a group masturbation experience which will please and taunt the exhibitionist & voyeur in everyone. Yes, edging will be on everyone's top priority list :)

If you ever been curious on what it would be like to pleasure your self around a group of others this is your day! If you have done this plenty of times before and love it then this is your day! Just want to watch? Sure why not so cum on in and there should be plenty to see.

This group is open to all sexes and all sexual orientations along with singles and couples ages 21+



COUPLES: ALL COUPLES entry fees for this party tonight are only $20!


Doors will open at 7:30 PM on Wednesday 8-30-2017

7:30 to 11:30 we open at 7:30 and you may arrive anytime between opening and 11:30... Play times are anytime you want to play. However, if no group activities have commenced by 10:30 we will announce the start of group playtime*

 12:00 Close

* Please note that you may arrive anytime between 7:30 & 11:30 and still register and participate. We do not have a cut off time with the exception of closing. If you arrive after 10:30 you will only miss the socializing block and enter directly into the group activity block.

Be sure to join our masturbation group on our site. In this group you can discuss the events.

Club3X is an adult social club which hosts swinger parties on Friday and Saturday and now we are opening our weekdays to "other" safe adult sexual exploration activities. We have over 2,300 Sq. Ft. of on premises play space for your enjoyment. There is a lighted stripper pole platform in the general social area along with a pool table and dart board. We have 3 TV's playing different adult themed videos. Lockers available for our use and you provide your own lock. Fridge for your refreshments sodas and juices along with ice are complementary.

We have lite snacks available and encourage everyone who can to bring a dish potluck style to share. The idea of these parties are to make connections, socialize and have a good adult time. Then you can end the night with some exciting adult fun activities in a safe environment.

We look forward to seeing you at the club where being a sexually free adult can be fun :)

Note: We are a membership club and not open to the public. To enjoy our parties at Club3X you must purchase a membership. The first party we will include basic membership into Club3X FREE for new clients. 

Event Donations:

The event donation for this event will be $40 for single males, $20 Couples and you will receive a one month basic Club3X membership FREE ($15 Value).

We do have VIP memberships available, you can upgrade your membership to VIP status if you wish to do so but is not mandatory.

Some extra details: For this event we would prefer you bring your own two towels. Once for covering any furniture you sit on if not clothed and one for sanitary clean up. We provide baby wipes and had sanitizer throughout the club. We do have extra towels should you come unprepared with your own

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  •  johnnmari: 

    See you all tonight with my fresh can of whipped cream.  Be there for the 7:30 opening.  ;-)   - Mari

     Aug 30, 2017 
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Its peek a boo night, how many peeks will you seek?
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