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Club3X First Party!

The day everyone has been waiting for, our first party at the new Club3X!

When? June 4th from 8 PM to 2AM

Please mark your self as a participant in this even if you are planning on attending. This will allow us to gauge the potential attendees so we may prepare accordingly with snacks and drinks.

Membership Form (Please if you can have it already filled out)

I have attached the membership form and would like everyone to download it and have it filled out prior to coming to the first party. Please bring your already completed membership form with you to help speed up the entrance process. If you didn't get a chance, forgot it or whatever and don't have your membership form with you when you come we will have the forms available for you at the club. I would like to get everyone their membership cards the same day.

THEME? As most know, our first party was supposed to be a Masturbation party. However, being the first party I think we should just make it a first party "Meet and Greet". It's our first party lets just party and get to know each other and let the magic happen.

Sure if you want to masturbate, have at it :)

DISCLAIMER: I want to put this out there for all who attend our first party. We have had many many many people message us wanting to come today, yesterday or a week ago, lol. So we have had the pressure of getting the place open for everyone to enjoy. I have a grand vision for the club as a finished product. Our first party will not be a finished product. We simply do not have the time or resources to wait until I get the club where I want it to be to have our first party. So with that being said, when you come to the first party just know that what you see now is only the start of the finished product. For now we are just going to be setup enough to be able to host efficiently a group of people. Please don't be disappointed if you feel there is not enough TVS, not enough beds, not enough "Fill in the blank..".

Enhancement and improvement of Club3X will be an ongoing project! I will continually being reinvesting the revenue from the club back into the club. Some things on the TO-DO list already are:

  • All rooms will have TVS
  • Common social areas will have multiple TVS
  • More bedding with custom built framing
  • Dance area improvements, more lights, more effects,custom music and possible karaoke at some point
  • All rooms will be themed and decorated nicely
  • Better efficient seating
  • Lockers
  • General store - Lubes, toys, sexy outfits, etc...
  • Hot tub
  • Plenty of visual effects and enhancements
  • Stripper Pole(s)
  • Sex swing
  • Possible dungeon area
  • Glory holes
  • A groping box
  • Other things based on your input....


Numbers:  Just yet I am not sure of the number of members who will be at our first meet and greet party. I do know our member level seems to be around 40 people with a mix of 20 being couples and 20 being single male/females. We have not even really advertised other than some Craigslist ads. Our member roster should grow well beyond the current levels. Once we open and people start attending and talking the attendance levels will rise.


We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Its peek a boo night, how many peeks will you seek?
Club3X, Cocoa Village, United States
Date startJun 04, 2016 08:00
Date endJun 05, 2016 02:00
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May 30, 2016