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This group is for general group discussion about Club3X. What do you like? What do you not like? What changes would you like to see made? What additions would you like to see made? Party ideas?  If its about CLUB3X lets put it here.

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  •  Club3X: 

    We have hosted two BBC parties so far and the last one was SMOKING! Attendance was through the roof! We have added a GROUP for those who fan our BBC parties. Please join the BBC group here on Club3X if you would like to participate in group discussions and or updates.

     Jan 09, 2017 
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  •  Peircedbunny: 

    We are new to the lifestyle and this club and site. We have been looking for something like this!

     Dec 10, 20161 replies1 replies 
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  •  DameJagger: 

    Ladies - I have a question for you: If I were to bring toys for use by the ladies to events - what kind of toys would you be interested in?

     Jun 26, 2016 
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  •  DameJagger: 

    Of course I didn't find out about this until just AFTER the most recent event! :(  But looking forward to attending upcoming events!

     Jun 20, 20161 replies1 replies 
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  •  StrokeandSquirt: 

    I'm new to the club and site, so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. I missed the opening but I'm sure to visit soon. :-)

     Jun 10, 20161 replies1 replies 
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