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MASSAGE TABLE/CHAIR We are starting to turn the semi private half walled area into our dungeon area. Once of the first things moving towards this is we bought a massage table/chair for this area. Of course you can use this table for a nice relaxing massag
Club3X Jul 29, 2016 0 160

YOUNG SWINGERSUnder 21 You are old enough to party like a rock star but not old enough to drink. We get numerous requests from the under 21 swinger crowd who would love to attend our parties but as you know we have always turned you away and asked you to
Club3X Apr 05, 2017 2 151

INTRODUCTION TO FETISH/BDSM NIGHT Club3X is planning on starting a night at the club for those who are into, interesting or somewhere in between the Fetish BDSM lifestyle. We are working on some furniture right now like the Saint Andrews Cross & spank
Club3X Aug 23, 2016 0 173

The first party went great! If you weren't there you SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! It would have been even greater :)   As always with new things you have to work out the kinks. We had a bit of WiFi fade and had issues for little bit with streaming mus
Club3X Jun 06, 2016 0 247

DANCE FLOOR PROGRESS   I posted a couple photos showing the progress so far on the dance floor/dance area of the club. I believe I will add some mirroring next. The sound system is setup and working but needs a permanent location.
Club3X May 26, 2016 0 147

ITEMS NEEDED ASAP We need the following items for the club: Beds - Any size Futon Foam Matresses Tables TV'S Bedding Lockers If you have any of the items available please contact me and let me know what you have. Thank You!
Club3X May 19, 2016 0 106

I am putting on some of the finishing touches on the Loft area this week. Yesterday I added a mirror to the loft and made some cosmetic additions. I have posted some updated photos in my photo gallery.
Club3X May 18, 2016 0 128

CLUB3X OUR COUPLES INTO SINGLE GUYS PARTIES UPDATED ENTRY 5/8/17 We started this this party theme at the end of 2016 and it is still running strong as ever! Fridays continue to be our BEST night for attendance and action! The theme of these parties are
Club3X Dec 27, 2016 3 320

SPECIAL EVENT "PAY WHAT YOU CAN DONATION PARTIES"   Some of our specialty parties like our "Couples into singles" & our "BBC For Me" parties will offer discounts to the COUPLES who are participating in these events. As a matter of fact if you [A C
Club3X Jan 09, 2017 0 334

"We now have our Club3X online ADULT shop!" Available for you to view, the latest and greatest adult novelties, toys, lotions, lubes an clothing for your home and club play! When you purchase your adult goodies from our Club3X store you help support us ju
Club3X Dec 11, 2016 0 136