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For the first month or so we used a couple coolers and ice for your refreshments. However, some of our parties are getting rather large in size and a couple coolers were not working any more. So we finally have a full size fridge/freezer in the club that
Club3X Aug 23, 2016 0 184

DANCE FLOOR PROGRESS   I posted a couple photos showing the progress so far on the dance floor/dance area of the club. I believe I will add some mirroring next. The sound system is setup and working but needs a permanent location.
Club3X May 26, 2016 0 223

UPDATES! I want to keep everyone in the loop on the progress of the club as we near our first party! So far I am almost complete with the cosmetics up in the loft area. I have posted many new photos on our Club3X profile showing much of the work done. We
Club3X May 25, 2016 0 302

I am putting on some of the finishing touches on the Loft area this week. Yesterday I added a mirror to the loft and made some cosmetic additions. I have posted some updated photos in my photo gallery.
Club3X May 18, 2016 0 200

I Have been working hard on the loft area this week. I have most of the walls done upstairs and brought up some furniture as well as added some lighting. Just a few more tweaks and the upstairs will be ready. I am considering adding a stripper pole upstai
Club3X May 14, 2016 0 173