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NEW MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS Thank you all for supporting your local Club3X! Your support is what keeps the club thriving and growing and allows us to continue to improve the facilities for you on an ongoing basis. We are now at the time of writing this blog en
Club3X Sep 19, 2016 0 423

Optional Couples Only Zone Enactment Power As all our members know that we do allow single males and single females into the club for the parties. On Fridays we have only one or two single males at the most and on Saturday we have sometimes a little more
Club3X Sep 07, 2016 0 448

For the first month or so we used a couple coolers and ice for your refreshments. However, some of our parties are getting rather large in size and a couple coolers were not working any more. So we finally have a full size fridge/freezer in the club that
Club3X Aug 23, 2016 0 191

INTRODUCTION TO FETISH/BDSM NIGHT Club3X is planning on starting a night at the club for those who are into, interesting or somewhere in between the Fetish BDSM lifestyle. We are working on some furniture right now like the Saint Andrews Cross & spank
Club3X Aug 23, 2016 0 318

BIG SCREEN PROJECTION SYSTEM We now have a big screen projection TV system playing in the common social area along with the smaller TV. So you now have two videos and viewing angels for adult video while your socializing (Or more!) A reminder that we wil
Club3X Aug 23, 2016 0 164

BOOK YOUR OWN PRIVATE PARTY OR EVENT @ CLUB3X!   Club3X is now available for your personal events. Birthday parties, anniversary, celebrations or any personal event where you want the whole place to your self! You can choose between completely private pa
Club3X Aug 02, 2016 0 137

MASSAGE TABLE/CHAIR We are starting to turn the semi private half walled area into our dungeon area. Once of the first things moving towards this is we bought a massage table/chair for this area. Of course you can use this table for a nice relaxing massag
Club3X Jul 29, 2016 0 263

NEW - Stripper Pole Platform! I just finished up getting the new stripper pole platform finished this week just in time for the weekend fun! It is located smack dab in the middle of the main social area. Come check it out and better yet show us your strip
Club3X Jul 16, 2016 0 395

ENTRY WAY: I am working on finishing up the dual entry way for the club. This will allow consistent privacy for you while in the club. NEW AMENITIES: This week we have added some new amenities for your enjoyment while at the club. We have added a dart b
Club3X Jul 06, 2016 0 264

IMPROVEMENTS Improvements made last week include removing the drywall from the loft area that prevented you from seeing in from downstairs (Requested action) We also got one of the small private rooms downstairs spruced up. Black and Purple color scheme,
Club3X Jun 13, 2016 0 305