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Couples only zone option (Important for couples!)

Optional Couples Only Zone Enactment Power

As all our members know that we do allow single males and single females into the club for the parties. On Fridays we have only one or two single males at the most and on Saturday we have sometimes a little more than that. Generally there is never an issue with single guys causing problems but it has been brought up to us that sometimes they can be clingy and hard to escape from. If a couple is in this situation sometimes and are not comfortable they can feel the only escape is to leave the club and call it a night. This of course is not the desirable option for anyone!

So what we have decided to do is to designate the upstairs loft area as an area couples are welcome to escape to and put out the optional couples only area notice. We are not making the upstairs loft area single guy free by default but providing couples with the option to take it over and make it a couples exclusive area. By doing so couples can escape from the single guys (Should there even exist a single guy issue a the time) into the loft area.

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Its peek a boo night, how many peeks will you seek?
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